At Edgewood we believe a job well planned is already half done. The best outcomes are delivered by careful planning, budgeting, and cost controls long before boots are on the ground. With our decades of historical data and the latest in estimating technology, our goal is to become a valued partner.
Project Consulting
Working as a collaborative team, our goal is to be a trusted partner, giving our clients insight allowing them to make informative decisions. Our preconstruction team works hand in hand with operations providing real time feed back on a daily basis, providing a full circle approach.
In initial phases of project inception, one of the first questions many owners and financers ask is what is this going to cost. With the supply chain and logistic challenges we face today, our mission is to bring up to date cost and clarity to project values.
Cost Estimating
This process typically happens when we are reviewing an issue for construction, permit or bid set of drawings. We work hand in hand with design & estimating teams reviewing hard material and labor costs, preparing scope of work and detailed project summaries.
Valued Engineering
Project designs are often overbudget and measures need to be taken to get the project back in budget. Edgewood's preconstruction team collaborates with owners and project teams to look at the available options to get back on track.
Every design we undertake is as unique as your project. Our preconstruction team is a vital part of the design process reviewing the cost impacts, constructability, feasibility and schedules. Our turn-key approach provides clients with a complete service.
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