The Edgewood Company

As a specialty contractor, Edgewood aims to be the leader in the hardscape industry with continuous improvements towards our goal of an injury-free workplace. At Edgewood we believe that all accidents are avoidable, we are committed to achieving an injury-free workplace by:
  • Providing clear and visible leadership throughout the organization. We recognize that to achieve excellence in safety management and performance, our team must demonstrate leadership and set an example of their commitment to safety.
  • Developing a safety culture within our company that promotes the management of safety, and to encourage off-the-job safety for our employees.
  • Having a system and processes in place to ensure that we have employees capable in safety systems throughout the organization.
  • Receiving feedback from our suppliers and partners to improve our safety performance.
Through this commitment to excellence in safety we confirm to our employees that we will respect and care for their safety at all times.

At Edgewood we are Proud of our EMR Rating of: .825