Incyte Corporation – Wilmington, DE


Incyte’s new 190,000 square foot Global HQ on 16 acres in Wilmington Delaware.

Incyte, one of the nation’s most innovative companies, is best known as the developer and marketer of Jakafi, approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011 as a treatment for patients with intermediate or high-risk myelofibrosis, a group of rare cancers of the bone marrow. In 2014, the FDA also approved the drug as a treatment to patients with polycythemia vera, a slow-growing blood cancer that causes a person’s bone marrow to make too many red blood cells.

While one may expect to have to go to a park to find a walking trail, community gardens, putting green and a pickleball court side by side, employees of Incyte will find all these outdoor amenities at the biopharmaceutical company’s new global headquarters, all with views of downtown Wilmington.

This project utilizes 6,300 s/f of permeable pavers, 8,000 s/f concrete pavers (4,000 vehicular and 4,000 pedestrian), and 5,000 s/f of granite pavers.

As you arrive to this new corporate HQ building the main entrance is graced with a granite paver vehicular drop off area, granite paver pedestrian entry and permeable paver visitor parking.

Trend Report: CRE Amenities:

Outdoor amenities areas represent company culture, support recruiting and retention efforts, enhance employee engagement, provide a boost for office productivity, and make your employees happiest

Live, Work, Play – It’s All About Convenience

This popular phrase has been tossed around the CRE industry quite a lot lately. The idea is that as technology advances have allowed us to begin working from anywhere, companies are wrestling with how to address the multiple generations within the workforce, and millennials in the workforce are shaping a more fluid idea of work-life balance. Building owners are responding by integrating leisure and convenience amenities into their real estate offerings.

Healthy & Happy:

The Importance of the Natural Environment and Wellness Amenities

The positive effects of natural light are well known and documented. Consulting firm Arcadis notes in its 2016 Trends in the Workplace report that “exposure to greenery and sunlight yields a 15% increase in well-being and creativity and a 6% increase in productivity.” Human beings evolved in natural settings, and our bodies require ample light, fresh air and access to outdoor space to regulate our hormones and stress reactions, and maintain a feeling of contentment.

While the convenience and technology amenities that we mentioned above can contribute significantly to a positive and productive work environment, nothing is as basic a human need as light and air.

CRE that provides ample natural light and healthy indoor air quality are common and should be expected as a minimum for most tenants, however there is a growing trend to provide more extensive access to the natural environment. Amenities to look for that will support your employee’s healthy bodies and minds can include:

  • Patio
  • Walking paths
  • Secure, weather-protected bicycle locking facilities
  • Easy-access showers
  • Exercise facility
  • Sound control

Get Creative!

  • Uncommon Amenities that Reflect Your Company Culture
  • While technology infrastructure and convenience amenities are commonly considered as part of the CRE search process, there may be other more unique amenities that companies can create in partnership with the building owner and/or other local businesses. For inspiration, consider a few of the amenities that Incentive Magazine highlighted in the article, “The Power of Perks”:
  • These more personalized amenities can be particularly powerful for recruiting and company branding. Key factors when considering more creative amenity offerings should include how they will support the business’ existing culture, what kind of value they will hold for employees, and how the benefits compare with the resources required to provide that particular amenity.

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